Laura J. Wetsch


Laura J. Wetsch was born in Fargo, North Dakota, a really long time ago.  She graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1982 (major: political science; minors: English and history), and from the University of North Dakota School of Law in 1985.  Following law school, Laura worked in a law firm in a small town in North Dakota, representing all manner of businesses and agricultural concerns, and then served for 2 ˝ years as a law clerk to a federal judge in North Dakota, handling responsibility for employment law cases, Social Security appeals, and large business disputes, among other things.  After her clerkship, Laura went back into private practice in a very small town, handling indigent criminal defense, wills and estates, real estate transactions, trusts, private and business contracts, and business disputes.  In 1991 Laura moved to North Carolina, where she was admitted to the NC Bar and practiced with a medium sized Raleigh firm until 1999, when she associated herself with Joyce L. Davis & Associates as an independent attorney.  When Joyce passed away in early 2006, she teamed up with her partner, Everette, and formed Winslow Wetsch, PLLC.


Over the past twenty years Laura has analyzed and addressed all manner of legal dilemmas facing individuals and businesses.  For the past fifteen years, she has represented North Carolina employees and businesses on virtually every conceivable employment law issue (discrimination, harassment, retaliation, leave issues, disability issues (including long-term disability claims), wage and hour issues, formation and implementation of policies, etc.), as well as contract preparation and review, corporate management, and litigation.  Many years ago (when she was “young”), Laura authored “The Crime Survivors Handbook,” a project of the Young Lawyers Division of the North Carolina Bar; most recently, Laura authored an extensive legal paper on harassment law.  Laura is currently the chair of the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers Employment Law Section.


Laura is married, with four kids who have hungry mouths to feed and need shoes.




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